I'm back. Forgive me, life happened

Supply Drop 3 is in its final stages. Look book is completed, putting the finishing touches on the BTS documentary and gearing up the promo videos next. Check out the trailer for Supply Drop 3 below. Many thanks to Gilbere Forte' of HUNTR for modeling AND allowing us to use "Live A Lie" as the soundtrack to this season. Many thanks to El Capt, DeNiro, for coming on board as Executive Producer and assisting Eighteen and I with scouting locations....and vegan food, haha! Also major props to D.Watkins for narrating the trailer, super clutch.

We are giving our all into the next 3 drops. We can't wait to grow with our fans, push the boundaries, and just all in all...have fun. Enjoy the sneak preview of Supply Drop 3 below.