Sincerely, SIX

It's been a while. We've had such a busy week. From reshooting the product shots over the weekend and attending the Restock as a vendor this past Sunday. I think it's safe to say this was by far our most successful week in growth thus far with USURP. We were able to sell out numerous products, restock, and sell out again. Amazing support from ya'll!

I want to personally thank everyone for the support, from our wives making sure we are on point, to our boy JP who has been with us from inception and consistently making sure the logistics are well taken care of, to Andrias for coming through and revamping our product model attire (super clutch, as always). So many others to name but you know me, I try to keep it short as possible. Thank you to all the repeat customers we've had this past week who has made #SPPLYDRP2 such a major success. And thanks to the Restock for having us as a vendor! 

As I've mentioned above, we took the liberty in revamping all of the products shots featuring the legend, Mr. Heavy MotelJeremy Andrias. Check out the new online shop. New look books are on the way along with the new videos (including new trailer to the doc). Feel like I've been saying that for a minute, but trust the process. Photos below from the shoot and some tidbits from the Restock event.