Where do I begin? Had the pleasure to collaborate with HUNTR over the weekend in LA. When I found out they had their first headliner show I just knew I had to be part of it. DeNiro, Gilbere & I go way-way back. The creative super trio. Hype Nolan. ANIGMA. All that. Super inspirational people and a blessing to always be able to link up - and get my playlist updated, hahaa! Check out a few shots below to hold you over until the behind the scenes footage is complete.

New Project - #60SWS

What up?! I know, it's been forever. A mental break was needed, but trust the process. I have a new project I've been working on that I'm super excited about. I call it, 60 Seconds with Six. A moment for me to capture a minute of reality. I'll be holding a free portraits session June 2 from 6-9pm at Freedom Plaza in Washington, DC. It's one of my favorite spots in the city to watch skaters grind it out. Come through, even if you don't want a picture taken, stop by and say what's up. Flyer below, feel free to pass it on. 


With the launch of Supply Drop 3, we present you the behind the scenes film of the lookbook. A special thank you to the Forte' brothers (DeNiro & Gilbere) for assisting us with this. You dropped so many gems to both Eighteen and I, can't thank you enough. Huge props for allowing us to feature HUNTR music with both of our visuals. Both "Live A Lie" and "Sundown" stole the show with the videos. Keep that fire coming! And a final thank you to D. Watkins for narrating. We got something special in the making, let's keep it going.


I'm back. Forgive me, life happened

Supply Drop 3 is in its final stages. Look book is completed, putting the finishing touches on the BTS documentary and gearing up the promo videos next. Check out the trailer for Supply Drop 3 below. Many thanks to Gilbere Forte' of HUNTR for modeling AND allowing us to use "Live A Lie" as the soundtrack to this season. Many thanks to El Capt, DeNiro, for coming on board as Executive Producer and assisting Eighteen and I with scouting locations....and vegan food, haha! Also major props to D.Watkins for narrating the trailer, super clutch.

We are giving our all into the next 3 drops. We can't wait to grow with our fans, push the boundaries, and just all in all...have fun. Enjoy the sneak preview of Supply Drop 3 below. 

Sincerely, SIX

It's been a while. We've had such a busy week. From reshooting the product shots over the weekend and attending the Restock as a vendor this past Sunday. I think it's safe to say this was by far our most successful week in growth thus far with USURP. We were able to sell out numerous products, restock, and sell out again. Amazing support from ya'll!

I want to personally thank everyone for the support, from our wives making sure we are on point, to our boy JP who has been with us from inception and consistently making sure the logistics are well taken care of, to Andrias for coming through and revamping our product model attire (super clutch, as always). So many others to name but you know me, I try to keep it short as possible. Thank you to all the repeat customers we've had this past week who has made #SPPLYDRP2 such a major success. And thanks to the Restock for having us as a vendor! 

As I've mentioned above, we took the liberty in revamping all of the products shots featuring the legend, Mr. Heavy MotelJeremy Andrias. Check out the new online shop. New look books are on the way along with the new videos (including new trailer to the doc). Feel like I've been saying that for a minute, but trust the process. Photos below from the shoot and some tidbits from the Restock event.

Infinity Mirrors

After a month long wait, I was finally able to visit Yayoi Kusama (Infinity Mirrors) exhibit at the Hirshorn Museum. Was it worth the wait? Eh...I consider it to be poorly executed. Not the artwork but the whole flow of it. From the 30 min waits in line and only being allowed to spend 20 seconds in the rooms, I was highly disappointed. You can't really take art in that quickly. They recommended you to see it a second time, in which I agree, but standing in the lines all over again...wasn't worth it. I wish you could have at least 45 seconds in the room, that way you can take a few photos and have some time to let the beauty sink in. Anyways, enough ranting. Enjoy a few photos below.


The day has finally come...well at this point the day after. We have successfully launched Supply Drop 2. So far so good. We have some more visuals dropping real soon including the long awaited trailer to the Documentary AND a new shoot lined up with the good brother Andrias from Heavy Motel. It's been a long time coming to collaborate with him. Just know it's going to be something epic when we finally link. Good looks on the support Andrias, we appreciate the purchases and support! As always, check out the photos below from the last shoot.


It's been a busy ass weekend! With Supply Drop 2 releasing Tuesday, we've been hard at work fulfilling pre-orders, printing/embroidering shirts and finalizing the product shots for the online store. Currently surviving off 6OFFEE (details another time) and burning the midnight oil (editing trailers while 18 finalizes the shots I've taken). Below are some shots of the standard issue 3 pack shirts that will be released Tuesday. The quality of the shirts are just...beautiful beyond words. Check out the photos below and watch out for my young og dropping his shit soon (ShotbyThree, haha).

Dupont Underground

Took a break from the real world and visited Dupont Underground with the crew. I've been living in the DC Region (PG County) for a great majority of my life and was always curious about the secret underground passages under DC. The tunnels have been abandoned for over 50 years and is currently serving as a cultural destination by the Arts Coalition. It's a pretty dope installation. And come to find out they actually host a lot of events underground such as fashion shows, concerts, spoken words, etc. Photos below.


Recently did an impromptu shoot with USURP WORLDWIDE. Took some quick portraits of the new gear (Release: April 11)...which is fuckin' amazing. Next up, we have to shoot the look book videos, drop the trailer for Supply Drop 2 and a new cut for DFA Documentary. A lot of work to be done but trust the process. Check out the photos below and stay tuned for more release information for Drop 2.

Kiss My Airs

I had the pleasure of attending Nike Air Max 30 Anniversary celebrations in DC courtesy of @withlovemelissa at the Blind Whino. Super dope event with DJ Chris Styles on the 1's and 2's, cocktails, private history tour, raffles (Vapor Air Max) and some great artists doing what they do best. It was pretty awesome seeing the history of Air Max (pay homage to Tinker Hatfield), check out a few photos of the installation below.

Big Schloss

The fellas (Eighteen, JP) and I took our weekend camping trip to the Big Schloss, about 2 hours away from DC. We were expecting it to be a nice warm weekend but tables turned quick as the temperatures dropped to low 20's with high winds. Nonetheless, we made the best out of it (Bulleit, Steak, Ramen and S'mores). While here, we took advantage of the scene and did a quick photoshoot for Supply Drop 2. We got some great shots of the shark skin jacket, super hype to showcase it in the next lookbook. Very durable in high winds...VERY! Stay tuned for that wave one release dropping real soon and enjoy some BTS photos below.